Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together some frequently asked questions with some answers for you. Please contact me if there is anything else I can help you with

Do I need to be musical?

Everyone is musical – you will find your inner musician!

Do I need to read music?

No one reads music – we play chords which you will learn as you go along

How can I come along if I haven’t got a ukulele?

I bring extra ukuleles to all sessions –if you are enjoying playing you will probably want to buy one at some point.

Do all the sessions cost the same?

Yes every session no matter how long is £5. 

How much is a ukulele?

A starter ukulele costs between £20 & £40

What are the ages of the players?

They range from 12 years old to over 80! 

What if I am a slow learner?

You learn at your own pace and play the chords you can manage – slowly building up a repertoire as it becomes easier – and just leave out the ones you can’t do until later.

Will I be able to fit in to an established class?

Everyone loves a beginner – you will always be made very welcome by everyone.

Will I be holding a class back?

We have a dedicated class for beginners in Alrewas on a Monday evening.  We also have a dedicated initial half hour to help newer players in Ashby, Sutton and Stoke-on-Trent. Just take the plunge and give it a go!

What type of songs do you play?

We play a mixture of all songs from very old to contemporary and you can suggest songs for the groups to learn – if they are simple, we will definitely do them!

What if I can’t always get to a regular session?

You can come along to any group at any time – I am delighted to see the groups mixing and it is nice to make new friends at the different groups.